Friday, 7 December 2012

notice: related threats

ok,people who have commented on some  of my posts threatening that they are going to complain about my blog to DMCA!
First of all, I (admin) have not given any of the posts of apkmania!
due to exams, i was out of blogging for the time being,. And some author , in order to take out the shorter way- copied wholesome posts from apkmania! 
i have seen apkmania, and i acknowledge the blog's work..REALLY.. and i have also deleted the fellow author..
But still, if you guys want to complain--GO AHEAD.
i have nothing to loose..there are few adfly links here that's it!
i can make one more blog of my own... NOT A BIGGIE!
AND IF YOU think that i am genuine .... then don't still there is lot of work and hardwork on this blog

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