Saturday, 15 September 2012

Augmentron AR 1.0 Apk Android only for wvga devices

Augmentron is an augmented reality game, which takes an imaginary boxed toy on a shelf, and transforms it into a spectacular and captivating, interactive parallel world.

When looking at the box through your camera, Augmentron bursts into action by smashing his way out of a metal garage, telling you about the danger the world faces. Interact with buttons around Augmentron to transform him into a jet and help him save the world from certain destruction from crashing asteroids.

Step inside our incredible view of reality.

Target Images

To view Augmentron you require the box image which you can download from

- Amazing 3D augmented reality
- Help Augmentron save the planet by touching asteroids to blast them out the sky, or swiping left or right to dodge bigger asteroids.
- Transform from robot to jet shape and back again
- Hear about Augmentron’s capabilities
- Simple, addictive gameplay
- High score system

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