Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Zoo Club v172 apk

Zoo Club v172 apk


Zoo Club v172 apk

Build a zoo and collect fun animals.Zoo Club gives players the ability to build, decorate and maintain their own zoo. You also get to help fellow zoo keepers :)
Players can enjoy playing mini games such as zoo shows, slicing food, and cleaning animals as well as completing quests :)
Players have a chance to win a glow-in-the-dark bracelet by scratching 10 free tickets given through the game daily. :)
Players can also enjoy the luxury of interacting and talking with the makers of Zoo Club via the Zoo Club blog in the app every day! Many players have given suggestions in the Zoo Club blog and have quickly seen their suggestion turned into reality. How awesome is that!
New: Players have the ability to maintain an aquarium and reptile house in their zoo!
Zoo Club is AD-FREE :)
New animals, decorations and features are added weekly :)
Now works on Android tablets :)
Zoo Club is proud to announce that it is now available in more languages: Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, French, and German

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