Sunday, 2 September 2012

Applanet v2.9.0.3 AdFree Apk App

Requirements: Android v2.1+
Overview: Access Paid Apps for FREE!

Applanet's massive database contains more than 9,000 Android applications. You have access the to latest version of both free and paid applications found in the Android Market and even some you can't and won't have to pay anything! Applanet is your one-stop alternative app market.

NOTE:Applanet is NOT always online and functioning these days...they are still fixing it but they managed to make it work again...
NOTE2: If you don't see any application in the market try clearing the cache .... Settings >Application >Manage >Applanet >Clear Cache

Recent changes:
- Ok guys i've got reports this works. Only install this if you are on ICS (Ice cream sandwich) Otherwise your app will not work. So if you get ICS Crashes then use this apk, Please uninstall manually your previous applanet and update to this one manually as it will not be automatic.
We are now on Varnish which should speed things up.;
On a new server;
-Parser Updated;
-Due to parser update many errors before shouldn't happen now;
-Increased connection amount to apache and tomcat should run better hopefully;
-Bills are getting expensive very necessary ads have been installed;
-Among other of a couple little updates.

Download Instructions:

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