Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior

Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior App Description :
Indiagames provide one of the best fighting legend game Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior . Its best fighting game i have ever experienced on the android set . You can say the game is master piece of martial arts . You have the legend fighter "Bruce Lee" known as "Dragon Warrior " due to his amazing fighting skills . You have all ready exprience some of his move in Tekken 3 as "Law" his moves were looks same to the Bruce Lee. But this its game made for the Bruce Lee the legend who have done great movies and others fantastic skills. Download this app for your android hand set and enjoy it if you have Xperia handset then its one of the best gaming app for the device .

1) 3D Fighting Game
2) Different Events
3) Non Stop Fighting/ Combos
5) Updates and Changes

App Developers : - India Games
App Name : Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior
Graphics : --3D--
Size of File :--5 MB--
Operating System : Android Apk

Download Here (4 Shared ):Link

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