Thursday, 13 September 2012

catfiz [a massenger exactly like BBM ] d ultimate android messanger

Ok let's go 

1.first u must know what the Catfiz
Catfiz is a chat messenget like a whatsapp,line,chaton,and etc
Catfiz can send a file or photos to your friend like whatsapp
Catfiz have a Theme(new version not old version)u can change a theme Catfiz in MORE>SETTING>THEME...(for now catfiz just have 8 theme but don't worry theme can by update by developer)
Catfiz can create a conference and attach a some file 
And many more....

I'am can't attach a file in here because, catfiz can know what yout device use...
1. You must goto
2. Touch a "DOWNLOAD CATFIZ", then u automatic to download....
3. Ucan download user guide if u want
4. Follow the setup to create a NIC for u
5. u can add NIC your friend

Sorry if my word wrong my english bad

Thank's for Catfiz developer...
for froyo ginger bread- link
for ics users-link
i would advise you to download catfiz from google play (its free!) , as the version uploaded above is rather old!

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