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How to Install Cyanogenmod 9 Galaxy S2 i9100G version [CM9 ICS]

Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100G is the inferior variant of the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100.It wasn’t released all over the world but in select countries only especially in India.This smartphone hasn’t seen much of a development like the original Galaxy S2 i9100 at XDA forums.But nevertheless,Android 4.0.4 ICS based Cyangenmod 9 Custom ROM has been developed for it.Hence, we have come up with a noob proof detailed tutorial to Install / FlashCyanogenmod 9 Galaxy S i9100G version.
Before beginning with the procedure to Install Android 4.0.4 ICS Cyanogenmod 9 S2 i9100G you must know that once the procedure in the tutorial is followed your warranty stands void. The given method is risky and can cause your device to brick. It is therefore recommended that you follow the procedure carefully and perfectly. The processes that you carry out on your device are solely at your risk. We do not take responsibility for any damage to your device.
Lets have a look at the essential Pre Requistes:
1.Firstly you must ensure that you have rooted and installed ClockWork mod (CWM) !
2.Minimum 60% of your Phone battery must be charged.
3.Back up your phone data.
To Backup apps, use this App ———>  AppBak Download
To Backup Messages, use this App —> SMS Backup and Restore Download

4.Sync your contacts with gmail OR what you can do is import the contacts to the SD card wherein you will get a .vcf file which later on you can export to restore the contacts
5.Enable USB debugging mode(Settings –> Applications –> Development –> USB Debugging)

 Following is the Detailed Method to Install Cyanogenmod 9 on Galaxy S2 i9100G :
 Step 1:
Now firstly, you need to download the Cyanogenmod 9 Galaxy S2 i9100G nightly file. Following is the Download link-> Cyanogenmod 9 Galaxy S2 i9100G version.
You guys can check this link for further Cyanogenmod 9 Galaxy S2 i9100G download link updates.

Step 2:
Now with Cyanogonmod 9 , we don’t get the default Android apps like Google Maps,Google Play pre installed. If you need these apps , you need to flash this Gapps Cyanogemod 9 Galaxy S2 i9100G file. OR you can visit Gapps site for latest gapps .
Step 3:
After having done with downloading of the two above mentioned files , you need to copy those files into you internal SD card.
Step 4:
Now you need to switch of your device Galaxy S2 i9100G. Now the first thing to do after this is boot into the CWM Recovery. We will have to use the 3 button combo. So In order to do the same , Press and hold Home +Volume Up + Power button simultaneously and thus soon after you will enter CWM recovery.
Now to work around in the CWM recovery , you need to make use of the following keys :
To move Up/down use Volume Up /Volume Down Button respectively
To open a selected option, use Home/Power button.

Now there are series of steps you need to perform before you begin your actual process of installation of Cyanogenmod 9 Galaxy S2 i9100G version.
Step 5:
Select and open the ‘Backup and Restore’ menu from the main menu and do the Nandroid Backup(select yes) to restore your files and previous ROM if something goes wrong with the New ROM. Just to be safe.

Step 6:
In order to have practically no errors or bugs whatsoever , you need to wipe the data and factory reset your device.
So go to the ‘Wipe Data /factory reset’ and ‘Wipe Cache partition’ and then perform these processes
Now go to the Advanced menu , you will see a ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’ menu , select and click on yes to do it.

cwm1 How to Install Cyanogenmod 9 Galaxy S2 i9100G version [CM9 ICS]
Step 7:
Now to Install Cyanogenmod 9 Galaxy S2 i9100G , go to the ‘Install Zip from Sd Card’ menu , now select and open ‘“choose zip from sdcard’ menu , browse for the Cyanogenmod 9 file and then select it and select yes to begin the process to install Android 4.0.4 ICS Cyanogenmod 9 Galaxy S2 i9100G version .
Optionally , if you need those default Gapps like market ,maps etc. , select the .zip [refer step 2] click on yes to install.

Step 8:
Now,repeat the ‘Wipe data/factory reset’, ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’ and “Wipe Cache partition” to. Now opt for “reboot system now“ option and wait for your phone to get Booted in the Cyanogenmod 9 Galaxy S2 i9100G .Normally it will take 2-3 mins for the first boot.

Congratulations !! The process to Install Android 4.0.4 ICS Cyanogenmod 9 Galaxy S2 i9100G has been accomplished !!

Leave us any Feedback or doubts in the comments regarding the same .

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