Wednesday, 17 October 2012

EpicHearts Plus 1.0 Apk for all devices

Game: EpicHearts Plus 1.0 Apk

Supports: Android 2.1+
Category: Arcade & Action
Info: Jump into an sinful adventure and perform all the rightful responsibilities of an apprentice of ancient time. Keep you and your army to be ready for anytime battle, attacks or conspiracies against you. Train your swordsman, gunslinger and paladin’s to reach their maturity. You must keep all aspects of a war in mind and make sure you control everything of your force. Meanwhile, you must fulfil the basic needs of every warrior in force!!
Epic Hearts is an action based where the greatest apprentice are facing each other. The enemy of dragonkind armed has risen up and one must answer him with his own unique skills, power and bravery. To ensure that their magical charge is safe, paladins, gunslingers, and swordsmen alike will develop dozens of skills, have the opportunity to complete hundreds of quests, and explore world after world in this beautifully realized and action-filled universe.
EpicHearts Plus.

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