Friday, 26 October 2012

Robbery Bob-burglar

Most people also have one point of life they owe. It may be the first car payment or debt may be owed a few games of cards. Bob is no exception. After being freed from the man wearing a raincoat, Bob must pay in exchange for freedom. Instead of starting a new and better job, he decides to rob others.
The covert mission in the game is to break into people's houses and take away the valuables.There are 50 homes games and will gradually raise the level of crime from entering the house ranges theft or until fish task of destroying government property. And Bob also soft skills like walking does not cause noise or hiding skills on the drum as a ninja. Sometimes Bob's task is simply to obtain one magazine or one the remote tv ......

The game graphics are simple but eye-catching colors. If you are someone who does not require fussy graphics in that need fun game entertainment, Robbery Bob is a worthwhile alternative.


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