Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How To Install Full Android Market On BlackBerry PlayBook After DingleBerry Root

Hello everyone, I know that there are a few tutorials out there already that describe this process already, but I would like to share with you how I got mine working. I hope that will also work for you. 

Please remember this tutorial assumes that you are already running a rooted PlayBook, and that you are running PlayBook OS 2.0developer version. If you have these two things then you are ready to go. 

Warning: BBOS is not responsible for you damaging your device. These instructions are meant as a base guideline and results may very depending on Operating system environments. Please proceed with caution. Entering commands incorrectly may cause your device to be permanently damaged.

With that being said lets continue on with this tutorial. 

Things you will need

Step 1: Root your device

Step 2Download the Google Apps Package

After you download the Google apps package extract the contents of it to your desktop. 

Step 3: Download and install DDPB and HLC Launcher

The first thing you need to do is install DDPB installer; this is a .bar file side loader application created by Keeper. There are a few programs out there that do this, I just prefer this one. 

After DDPB is installed download HLC Launcher and side load it in through the program. To side load a file enable Development Mode on your playbook and take note of the first IP address listed when you click on the development user icon on your PlayBook. 

Next, fill in the appropriate information IP address and the password you created when enabling development mode. Now, add the bar file by clicking on the "add" button then you should see it listed on the right. Make sure its selected and then click on install. 

Step 4: Launch The HLC Updater App

Now we need to activate the PlayBooks Android system. You may not have to do this step depending on how long you have been running OS 2.0 and have already launched an Android application. I had to because this was coming off a fresh install. 

After it launches just choose the option to Complete action using Honeycomb Launcher. If you want you can take some time to enjoy the Honeycomb android experience.  When your done proceed to the next step. 

Step 5Load and Save A private Key Using puttygen

Before we can use WinSCP we will need to create a key using the puttygen program you downloaded earlier. To use puttygen simply double click on the puttygen.exe file. 

Once the program is open click on Load, and make sure in the drop down menu that the All Files option is selected. Now, this is important as you need to browse to the rsa file that Dingleberry created when you rooted your device. It can be found in the main Dingleberry folder, the file path will be something like this: 

C:\Documents and Settings\'yourusername'\Desktop\dingleberry-beta-2.11\Dingleberry

What your looking for is a file called "rsa". After you have loaded the rsa file click on Save Private Key, if you are prompted to about saving the key with no password say yes. Name the file winscp (it will save it as a .ppk file) and save it to your dingleberry directory next to the rsa file. Although this location is not required I placed it there for easy reference. Remeber this location you will need it in the next step.

Step 6: Connect To PlayBook Using WinSCP

After installing WinSCP, launch the program and fill in the information as shown in the picture: 

Make sure you browse to the location that you saved the winscp.ppk file in the previous step. When you have finished filling in the required information click on the Login button and at the username box enter root.

Step 7: Copy The System Folder

In this step you will need to copy the Google apps system folder to the PlayBooks root system folder overwriting all files. From within WinSCP you have a few ways you can copy the files you can simply drag and drop them over or you can tap F5 to bring up the copy menu.

Note: make sure you browse to the root folder on the right side of the explorer 

Step 8: Login As Root Using SSH 

Open up your favorite ssh client and logon as root. The Dingleberry ssh option works well for the next steps.
We need to remove the SetupWizard.apk file. This can be done by entering the following commands from the the ssh shell prompt not $:


and then (you can use pwd to find out where you are if needed)
mv /system/app/SetupWizard.apk /system/app/SetupWizard.apk.bak

Step 9: Kill The Running Android Player

Enter the follwing commands to kill the android player:

cd /apps/ (XXXX numbers are different on each device)


sh kill-android-core.s

Step 10: Launch the HLC Updater App

Now you can launch the Android Market App and enter your credentials to start exploring. 

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