Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pianist HD - Finger Tap Piano

Let the music comes out. Learn by yourself to be the great Pianist. This application is the most enjoyable way to play the melody and chords. Among the similar applications in the market, Pianist-Finger Touch Piano are considered the best application with 5-star voted always.
New features updated:
✓ Perform mode
✓ Learn to play mode for double and triple rows modes 
✓ More musical instruments HQ sounds: piano HQ, hand drum, guitar HQ, harmonica, bell, music box, organ…
✓ Upcoming finger tutorial function
✓ Magic Piano mode like famous piano apps from Smule and Guitar Hero

Other awesome features:
✓ Realistic feeling with vibration option
✓ Create, share & download from Cloud services
✓ Sound option: Real sound & digital sound
✓ Setting with full support function for beginner
✓ Keyboard & speed adjustment
✓ Two-row and two-row mirror mode with multiplayers & multi-instruments function.
✓ Single learn to play, Single perform, three-row mode
✓ Record and playback to create & share your masterpiece with friends and family
✓ Beat mix function
✓ Learn-to-play mode with the preloaded collection of famous songs
✓ Kid mode available. You and your child can have much fun together
✓ Game center, cloud sharing, where you can download more packages updated frequently.
✓ Various works of greatest artist available
✓ Collection of musical instrument to unlock: Piano, Drum, Trumpet, Violin, Guitar, Bass, Sax...
✓ Quick feedback & support system
✓ Available for all Android phones.

The application is updated from time to time with more interesting features. We welcome all your comments and feedback.
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