Friday, 30 November 2012

Most Android Antivirus aren't effective!!!

We always search throughout various website to find out which is the best antivirus that is available for free or are in Lite version mainly to protect your phone from further threats or malware's. But what we don't realize is that  many free antivirus available in the market or website are completely 'USELESS'.A shockingly high percentage of Android antivirus apps are still ineffective, even after an update to the original study corrects overly negative results.AV-Test, an independent organization well known for testing PC security suites, put 17 popular Android anti-virus apps to the test. The results were disappointing, to say the least. A majority of apps failed to detect at least 65% of malware samples and six apps failed to detect a single sample.
Mobile operating systems are the undiscovered country of computer security. As hackers discover new ways to infect Android, security researchers are looking for ways to remove or block those infections. The results of the new study suggest that the hackers have the upper hand.Over the past year, the popularity of the Android system has led to a huge increase in the distribution of Android malware.This malware is mainly distributed in markets operated by third parties, but even the Google Android Market cannot guarantee that all of its listed applications do not contain any threats. Users should no longer blindly trust all apps. A large range of protection programmes that can help to identify dangerous apps and remove them from a user's device are now available.
 AV-TEST has inspected 41 different virus scanners for Android with regard to their detection performance. About half of these scanners are not yet suitable for use as reliable products and identify less than 65% of the 618 types of malware tested. The mobile versions of well-known desktop products were mostly evaluated as good or very good.

Because of the complexity of Android malware, AV-Test focused on an app's ability to block families of malware as opposed to individual threats. It came up with five tiers of effectiveness, which I'm calling "levels" for simplicity.
-Level 1 detected 90 percent or more of the malware
-Level 2 detected 65 percent to 90 percent; 
-Level 3 only found 40 to 65 percent; 
-Level 4 saw zero to 40 percent; and 
-Level 5 detected zero percent. 

The best products tested (with detection rates of 90% and above) come from the following top 10 companies:  
-Dr. Web 
- McAfee
-MYAndroid Protection/MYMobile Security 
-NQ Mobile/NetQin 
Users of products made by these companies can be assured that they are protected against malware.
Products with a detection rate of between 65% and 90% can also be considered to be very good and have the potential to join the group of best products above if small changes are made to the set of malware tested. Some of these products only fail to detect just one or two malware families that may not even be prevalent in certain environments. The following 13 products fall into this category:
-AVG Mobilation 
-Bitdefender, BullGuard 
-Comodo, ESET 
-Super Security 
-Total Defense 
-Trend Micro 
Third category, namely that of products with a detection rate of between 40% and 65% includes:
-G Data
-Kinetoo fall   
 It is possible that the manufacturers of these products do not yet have a sufficient infrastructure that enables them to collect a wide range of malware or that they focus on a local market. These products provide reliable malware protection against a few families, but have trouble dealing with and detecting others. It can be expected that these products will improve when their manufacturers focus on a wider variety of malware samples.The fourth category, which is used for products with a detection rate of less than 40%, does not contain any products from well-known anti-virus protection manufacturers.

So what I'm trying to say in here is that don't take risk always trust the brand name i.e., choose only the top listed product but dont try to download free antivirus without even knowing whether it would work or not. The research also concludes that, the most effective Android antivirus apps are those made by companies with Windows security programs.There are various websites that provide paid android antivirus software for free so, go ahead and download the top rated only.

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