Tuesday, 20 November 2012

rooting and unrooting Karbonn A9 by fonehacker+clockwodmod


After a week of sleepless nights,finally I have rooted my Karbonn A9 !
Finding a working way was even harder than my final exams (which are running nowdays)
Let's leave the story for some other time and jump straight to Rooting:

This is tested for Karbonn A9 (K-touch W680) and Spice MI-425.Do not use on any other device,You will certainly brick it.

1)You will need fastboot drivers,if you are running windows 7,then it will install automatically. (No need of working ADB) though the kit includes working adb drivers.

2)Download this Rooting kit:

3)Extract the contents to a folder.

Instructions for using the kit:
Advice:this will overwrite your recovery,so follow second post to get stock recovery back.

1)Boot your phone in fastboot mode by holding vol up + power on boot till you see a green screen.
2)connect your phone to pc via USB cable and wait for fastboot drivers to install.
3)Double click and run ROOT.bat
4)When the recovery is flashed,pull out the battery.
5)Now reboot the phone into recovery mode by holding VOl up + power button (first you will see green screen then after some time red screen.
6)When you see the red screen,then press home (first soft touch button on A9).You will see a faded black screen.
7)Congratulations! Your phone is rooted.wait You can reboot,if you just wanted the rooting,otherwise:
8)Connect the phone to computer and install the provided drivers for new devices in device manager.
9)This will enable you to use Rooted SU ADB shell while in recovery.
10)Reboot and your device is rooted.

Hit thanks button if it helped you,it encourages me.
Flash these recoveries via my new Tool-Android AIO Flasher GUI for Windows
Its Pretty much All In One tool for all your flashing needs and is'nt even commandline.
Proof attached:

You can Unroot both the phones or any other Android Easily by Using This tool,It has a simple one click unrooter:

If You want to restore Your Karbonn A9 to original factory state (Stock recovery-Stock ROM then follow this guide:

Warning-Most probably it will wipe your data,so backup before continuing! 


1)Download Stock recovery:
extract it,you will get recovery.img

2)flash stock recovery via fastboot by one of the following methods:

i)Either by replacing the recovery.img in the rooting kit (in first post) by
this recovery.img and running root.bat or
ii) by flashing it in fastboot by using My Android AIO Flasher:

Stop here if you just wanted the stock recovery back!

3)Download Stock ROM:
Huge thanks to dinesh2222
4)Put the update.zip in root of your sdcard.
5)Reboot your phone to recovery.
6)Select "apply update from sdcard" by volume buttons and choose the update.zip by long pressing Power button.
7)Let it install.
8)After install,select reboot by long pressing power button.
9)Congrats,Your phone is unrooted !

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  1. dude in india this file is blocked...can u post this file on some OPEN FTP and reply?