Friday, 30 November 2012

Rooting your Phone is really important

"Superuser" permissions or Rooting your Android smartphone/tablet is the process by which you bypass the limitations set up by your device manufacturer to become the true master of your device. Many of the Android phones and Tablets have limitations in usage. It is essentially “hacking” your Android device. See, all you need to know is that once you root your device you are able to use software which are more powerful than non-root users and rooting our phone helps you to gain control of your android phones/tablets.

I can give you an example, if you have "Galaxy Y" smartphone as an non-rooted user then there is a limitations in your processor speed. The manufacturer shows the information about the product as 832Mhz processor speed, but the fact is that you can access till 500-600Mhz by which your android phone slows down and it can affect your phone as well as the battery life. So, rooting your phone can remove this limitations and you can freely "Overclock"(increase the processor speed) your device and it can even be increased beyond its processor speed limitations (like if your phone has 832Mhz processor speed then you can overclock or increase the processor to 1.2Ghz) with the help of software's available in different android links.
(Note: Android device that I mentioned talks about all the Phones, Tablets, Phablet etc.)

Now, lets talk about the ADVANTAGES of Rooting your Android Devices:

-Rooting your phone doesn't take whole day or hours but it takes just 5minutes.
-You can "Overclock" your android device. In other words, as I mentioned before that you can increase the processor speed of your android device with the help of  "SetCPU" software available in Google store and different Google links.
-You can even "Underclock" your device whenever you want mainly at the time when you  might not need to use your android device mainly because to save your battery life.
-Rooting your device helps to download and use many software's and applications that are highly recommended.
-It enables you to Control your device.
-You can even "Flash ROM" such as 'Jelly Bean, CyanogenMod and many many more', as it helps you to update your device with faster process and many more ( I will explain "Flashing ROM" on my next post)
-You can even Download and Play new Exciting Games like Real Football2012, Avatar, Dead Space, NFS and many popular HD Games available for your devices.
- There are many hidden files in your android devices that you won't be able to use or even Anti-virus software won't be able to detect. So, rooting your android device enables you to see the full directory structure (All hidden files) of everything on the phone rather than just being limited to the files on your sdcard and certain files on your phones internal storage. 

Lets talk about Disadvantages now: 
- Rooting your device might Void the Warranty of your device mainly because while rooting your device you are responsible for it not the manufacturer.
- If the steps to root your device is not properly followed then your device might get "Bricked" it means your device might not function properly. 

The steps to root your phone is quiet easy and if you follow those steps I don't think your android device would get bricked. Well, actually I recommend to root your phone mainly to explore what you can do with your phone. Even I thought rooting my phone would be risky and tricky but  when I read many blogs and referred through many websites, I followed each steps carefully and my device was successfully Rooted.
Many of my friends as well asked How to root the Android device well I want you to checkout the link that I mentioned below which gives you guidelines for Rooting and Unrooting your device:


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