Sunday, 11 November 2012

Play PS1 on your Galaxy Y

PlayStation 1 was our gaming arena in our childhood, 
The application called  FPSE  can help us bring back those 
memories of those games we used to play on our 


There are many Playstation 1 games that can be played on 
Our Samsung Galaxy Y. 
Well I will not be posting the games,  but you can visit here to download the games -  

1 - Download and install FPSE here ->

2 - Along the APK has a file called "  SCPH1001.BIN, "put it on the memory card.

3 - Open the FPSE are warnings will appear press "yes" and "ok", then will display a list of folders and files, press the menu button and select the first icon and then "system".

4 - Now select "Loading Bios" and find the file  in this SCPH1001.BIN "sdcard". (2nd stage).

5 - Scroll down and select "Default config load".

6 - Press back until you return to the list of files and folders, find it and hit the game will start. 

7-Good game.

Video :